Bourbon & Vodka Spiked Party Punch

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Bourbon & Vodka Spiked Party Punch
📷 by: Atta Girl Says

A fun and festive adults-only punch perfect for every kind of celebration!

  • 375 ml Premium Vodka
  • 375 ml North Plains Bourbon Whiskey
  • 4 cups cranberry juice or cranapple juice
  • 12 ounces frozen lemonade undiluted
  • 12 ounces frozen orange juice undiluted
  • 2 liters ginger ale
  • cranberries
  • orange slices
  • lemon slices
  1. Combine vodka, bourbon, juices and lemonade in a punch bowl or large pitcher.
  2. Add ginger ale just before serving.
  3. Garnish with cranberries and orange and lemon slices.

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