Perfect Pairings - Rosemary & Pear -100ml

Perfect Pairings - Rosemary & Pear -100ml

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Perfect Pairings

The rich aroma of our Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil will transport you to the Mediterranean. This olive oil offers a bright, distinctive flavor thanks to the slow extraction of dried rosemary. This oil creates the perfect dipping oil for focaccia or any rustic Italian bread. Drizzle this flavorful oil over venison or lamb or add it to homemade pizza and potato and pasta dishes.

Our special William Christ Pear Balsamic is produced from the famous Williams Christ pear variety. The wonderful creamy and fruity taste is delicious with nutty salads or as a dip with cheese.

Set Contains:  2 bottles, 100ml each
Origin:  Italy, Germany

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