Perfect Pairings: Lemon & Date Balsamic

Perfect Pairings: Lemon & Date Balsamic

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A perfect pairing every time! Enjoy this international best-selling oil paired with one of our very own award-winning vinegars.

Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a taste of fresh lemon; very fruity. Great for citrus salad dressings. An ideal seasoning for fish or other seafood. Also good for preparing mayonnaise, in chickpea recipes, or with pasta. Top steamed vegetables or salads with this oil.

vomFASS has created this creamy Date Balsamic Vinegar which is a date delicacy, it has quickly become a customer favorite. This fruit vinegar not only gives your salads and cheese plates a special flavor but can be used in a multitude of ways, such as in sauces for meat dishes or drizzled over ice cream and yogurt. Don't be afraid to experiment with this one!

Set Contains:  2 bottles, 250ml each
Origin:  Italy, Germany

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