Perfect Pairings - Basil & Calamansi -250ml

Perfect Pairings - Basil & Calamansi -250ml

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Perfect Pairings

Rich, grassy notes and a hint of anise round out the full character of our robust Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Try it tossed with pasta, drizzled over a caprese salad, or added to your next batch of pesto for an extra pop of flavor.

The Calamansi Fruit is mainly cultivated in the Philippines today. It descends from the mandarin orange. Upon tasting, your nose is filled with the tart-acidic aromas of mandarin orange with hints of lime. Add a few drops of this Calamansi Balsam to fish, chicken, or salads, or use in light sauces to give your cuisine a gold star.

Set Contains:  2 bottles, 250ml each
Origin:  Italy, Germany

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