Desert Blueberry Gin Deliciousness

Desert Blueberry Gin Deliciousness

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Ever had a blueberry jam that you thought was amazing? Neither had we, until now. Behold our very own Desert Blueberry Gin Deliciousness. No, the blueberries aren't grown in the desert, instead we took the best notes of blueberry, that earthy taste with a pop, and kicked it up a notch with deserty smoked salt, sage, juniper berry and gin. Don't be scared, this combo is sweet, savory, punchy and deep. You simply will not find a better Blueberry jam. Of this we are confident. We also feel this flavor may just be the front runner in cheese pairings as we have yet to taste a bad combo.

Ingredients: blueberries, Colorado award winning small batch distiller Leopold Brothers' Gin, fresh ground juniper berry, fresh sage, pure organic cane sugar, lime juice/zest, non GMO pectin and smoked salt.

Pairs well with: any cheese. literally.

Made in United States