Cherry Spirit Sampler Set

Cherry Spirit Sampler Set

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Cherry Spirit Sampler Set

A premium aromatic gin and an exceptional tart cherry liqueur are the base for this  Sour Cherry Gin Liqueur. The floral and botanical notes from the gin pair perfectly with the sweet and sour flavors of the liqueur to make a one of a kind premixed cocktail that is ready to be enjoyed over ice or blended with your favorite tonic, mineral water or soda.

With a base of premium vodka, this bright and tangy Sour Cherry Liqueur works just as well as an ingredient in a wide array of cocktails as it does on its own, served over ice.

A rare find, the Two Georges Cherry Whiskey is  an expertly blended bourbon  enhanced with a sweet and tart pure cherry juice. A complex nose of cherry and berry fruits with cinnamon and spice undertones gives way to a palate of plums and caramel with the perfect balance of saccharine and piquant essences. This spirit finishes with a pleasant mix of earthy pipe tobacco and marzipan. This whiskey is part of a series of privately labeled American whiskies.  

Set Contains:  3 bottles, 100ml each 
Origin:  USA, Germany

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