Cherry, Cinnamon & Honey Whiskey Set

Cherry, Cinnamon & Honey Whiskey Set

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This set contains 3 of our most popular whiskies. The perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life!

Two Georges Cherry Whiskey: A rare find, this expertly blended bourbon is enhanced with a sweet and tart pure cherry juice. A complex nose of cherry and berry fruits with cinnamon and spice undertones gives way to a palate of plums and caramel with the perfect balance of saccharine and piquant essences. This spirit finishes with a pleasant mix of earthy pipe tobacco and marzipan.
ABV: 40%

Two Georges Cinnamon Whiskey: Made with a premium high-rye bourbon and flavored with a pure natural cinnamon, this spicy flavored American whiskey is sweet, spicy and complex with a nose of vanilla and caramel that gives way to an intense palate of berries, fruit, and pepper. The finish is long and velvety with the perfect amount of heat and a deep complexity that is apparent long after the drink has been finished.
ABV: 40%

Two Georges Honey Whiskey: Pure, fresh honey and a crisp spicy bourbons are blended to produce a spirit that has all the sweet and earthy notes of a traditional bourbon with the floral complexity of fresh honey. A nose of citrus and allspice yields to a palate of fresh black pepper and vanilla with a hint of smoke from the charred oak barrel. The finish is long and complex with spicy notes of fennel and sweet notes of pears.
ABV: 35%
Origin: distilled in Kentucky; blended in Wisconsin

Set Contains:  3 bottles, 100ml each 
Origin:  USA

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