Cucumber Tomato Salad Set

Cucumber Tomato Salad Set

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Our vinaigrette is the perfect finishing touch for this light and refreshing salad that is so easy and delicious! Sliced cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, and fresh onions.

Don Carlos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a light to medium-bodied olive oil that works beautifully in a variety of dishes. Don Carlos is the perfect complement to any goat or sheep's milk cheese, for bread dipping, and for adding a delicious, peppery note to salads.

A fine, matured vinegar with subtle complexity, the superb aroma of which makes it an excellent aperitif or suitable for the refinement of carpaccio. Meat dishes and sauces receive a perfect finishing touch with this Vinagre Viejo de Montilla.

Set Contains:  2 bottles, 100ml each
Origin:  Italy

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