Ventura Oil & Vinegar Sampler Set

Ventura Oil & Vinegar Sampler Set

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This is the perfect set for the home chef. It highlights our most popular extra virgin olive oils, seed oils, and fruit vinegars. 

Our Garlic Herb Oil creates the perfect base for salad dressings and can be combined with any of our traditional balsamics. This delicate, lightly colored oil offers a balanced, mild flavor with a hint of spice. It can enhance any dish, from fish to steak to marinated vegetables.

The white alternative to the Aceto Balsamico di Modena! The production methods for both vinegars are basically the same. However, there is a small but important difference in the refinement and maturation. Whereas we add caramelized, thickened grape must to the Aceto Balsamico di Modena vinegars, our Grape Balsamic Vinegar is refined with white grape juice concentrate. This results in a fresh - white - balsamic vinegar that is characterized by its aroma of ripe grapes!

An excellent oil for finishing poultry and fish. Simply grill chicken, duck, or salmon, then drizzle with this oil while still warm. Or, use our Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the perfect complement to brighten up your fruity salads and fresh vegetable dishes. This oil makes a delicious aioli for dipping asparagus and other vegetables.

This delicate gourmet vinegar made from concentrated fig juice and fig vinegar obtains its special pungency from the extract of selected chilies. Our sweet-sour creation is created in our very own vinegar factory in Waldburg. It is excellent for barbecues, marinades (dark meat), and Asian cuisines. Use our Fig Chili Balsam Vinegar as a dip for spring and autumn rolls or meat fondue. It is also delicious to refine salads and sauces or give fruit and vegetable chutneys an aromatically spicy flavor!

Chili Oil starts with a special high-oleic sunflower oil, infused with the subtle heat of chilies. It displays a sweet, fruity aroma and is ideal for frying, grilling, and roasting. It spices up vegetable marinades and lends a delightful kick to spicy dishes and salads. Use our Chili Oil to infuse a warm spice throughout your cooking.

The apples for this delicious Apple Balsamic Vinegar are grown in orchard meadows in the Upper Swabia region in Germany and possess a full-bodied aroma and a wonderfully natural and refreshing acidity. After the apple vinegar has been obtained from the apple wine and refined with thickened, fruity apple juice, this fine balsamic vinegar matures for several years in oak barrels in an open timber frame barn. This creates a viscid consistency and results in a uniquely sweet-sour taste with the finest nuance of apple! 100% without preservatives and flavoring agents. 100% natural. 100% apple. The natural and intense power of ripe, aromatic apples gives salad dressings, marinades, sauces, and poultry dishes a harmonious, fruity touch.

San Gimignano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is floral and smooth with a slightly grassy finish. A gourmet favorite, this unfiltered medium-body olive oil is characterized by a beautiful, golden-yellow color; intense, grassy aroma; a rich, buttery flavor; and a delicate, peppery finish.

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar is a fruit vinegar that not only gives your salads a special flavor but can be used in a multitude of ways, such as in sauces for meat dishes or drizzled over ice cream. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Set Contains:8 bottles, 40ml each
Origin: Italy, Germany, Spain

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