Bourbon Lover’s Set

Bourbon Lover’s Set

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This set contains 4 of our most popular bourbons.

Our American Bourbon Whiskey, artisan distilled Bourbon, is a fine blend of American whiskey and selected Kentucky Bourbons, that have been carefully blended then matured for up to 2 additional years in new, charred southern oak barrels. This unique blend offers lovely radiant flavors and a fine traditional finish. Great neat or in fine Whiskey cocktails.

Two Georges 99% Corn Bourbon is aged a minimum of 3 years and distilled in Indiana at a 164-year-old distillery that produces some of the best whiskeys in the USA. Aromas of molasses, oak, and vanilla come through before molasses and vanilla delight on the pallet.

Produced in Kentucky, the bourbon capital of the world, Two Georges High Corn Bourbon has a mash bill that is high in corn leading to a sweet and approachable whiskey with lots of complex undertones. This whiskey is perfectly enjoyed neat, over a single ice cube, or in your favorite whiskey cocktail.

Two George’s Sour Mash Bourbon: This age stated reserve bottling comes from Lincoln County, TN and is a perfect example of why bourbon is the spirit of America.

This set is packed in a gift box.

Set Contains: 4 bottles, 100ml each
Origin: USA

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